About Red Penn

Lynne here… Red Penn Services is no longer operating.

I suffered an “outage” and a heart attack, late in January 2021. I was discharged in early February, but was largely unable to do things independently. Due to the SPS spasm and the induced coma after the “h’at-attack”, my memory was badly affected.
As I attempted to get back into work, I found myself easily frustrated.

I made the decision to, rather than give my clients poor editing services, it would be better if clients found an alternative editor.

I want to thank you all – clients with a single title, clients sending me a series, and the publishers who trusted me with their clients works. Carry on writing, and may you find a different editor who pleases you as much or more than you’ve said I have.

The Facebook Page and Twitter accounts are closed. The email address for Red Penn is closed.

Kind Comments from my happy clients

Arianor Gaynor, of the former Secret Cravings Publishing
…You’re doing a wonderful job.  The proof-readers are enjoying the stories.
…Thank you!   I heard the happy author loves her editor. 😉

Über-editor, Rebecca Hart of Roane Publishing, –
– Thanks so much. You’re always a pleasure to work with.”
re Show No Weakness by Joyce Holmes
– You both {author and Lynne} have done an amazing job with this. Truly.
re Poisonous Whispers by Jana Begovic

Jana Vasilj-Begovic
…It was pure pleasure working with you on the edits of my first novel and I found your help invaluable. I wish you joy and happiness in every future endeavour and phase of life. 💗
Editing services are of the highest quality. I am very thankful to have had the fortune of working with Lynne on finalizing my manuscript. [re Poisonous Whispers

Ginette Gadbois, author of Caught Between Worlds
– Have I told you that you’re my favourite Editor?

Suzi Finlay, author
– I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice on Second Chance; it’s definitely a stronger book because of your input. And there was no problem getting the typos fixed in time!”

Shantel Gerstendorfer, author of Truth
…Thanks for much for your hard work. I’m definitely trying to improve my writing, so reading your corrections and suggestions is extremely helpful. … I also took your suggestions and re-wrote some scenes”

Deryn Pittar … join the fun side and use your imagination to create new worlds to entertain and poetry to warm the heart.

Joanne Ruth …. Your high quality … Many writers will be worse off without the benefit of your expertise. … your knowledge and skills are so valuable…

Gail Ward Olmsted … I have enjoyed working with you so much!

Muffy Wilson … this is not bad for my first book!! Thank you for all your keen-eyed edits and suggestions. It is awesome and share in this with you. The Para-Portage of Emily made Readers’ Favorite Finalist in the Romance ~ Sizzle category. I am so proud and honored! Love ‘n’ Hugs

Jaylee Austin Very helpful, honest, and communicative. I appreciated the open conversation and respectful dialogue.

Ginette Paquette-Gadbois … Please know that it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for all your help. To new beginnings!

Sara-Jean Englert … I appreciate what you taught me and what you did for In Gray. You’re a great editor…

London Saint James … You were wonderful to work with. Hugs. 💜

Ellen Devlin … Please know that I found working with you to be a joy, and I believe that I’m a better writer from your comments/edits/kind help. (And I was secretly hoping that you would be editing the next one…)

Lee Murray … Thank you for your kind support… [NZ Author]

Dan Strawn What Lee said. Thank you. [NZ Author]

Effie Molina It was a pleasure working with you!

Terri Hoffman Rochenski Love you. Xoxo

Rebecca Brennan Hart Miss you already. Xoxox and then some.

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