Review: “Walks – A Collection of Haiku”

This is a Pre-Release review. Cendrine Marrouat was kind enough to let me see the pre-publication file. I loved it for the same reason I love Haiku in general…

To “get” Cendrine’s haiku as for all, you have to stop racing…slow down…read it thought by thought – image by image…pause…contemplate.
Each haiku is a time for time to stand still, while your heart and soul touch the moment.

The haiku is a poem with a world inside – each is filled with images, thoughts, movement, and the surprising twist.
Simple in construct, but complex in its rules of style, it is often the second poem structure a child will be asked to write.
Many who write haiku remain in the syllabic construct, and never explore the full range of devices open to the writer. Many who write them feel that their receiving audience need only read them.

But the full art of haiku is in the reciting –pausing and pace, the rise and fall of the voice, and the use of onji to allow the listener to feel the moment captured within the haiku. Each is a moment, framed in words.
And the better of the writers of haiku maintain both the style and the pausing and pace, even on the page.

cover_Walks-hailu collection
pre-publication cover

Walks: A Collection of Haiku
(Volume 1)

This is Ms Marrouat’s twelfth book, and records thirty-five haiku prompted by nature and experiences. Each conveys an image, and event, in this demanding when in its truest form.

The closure of each gives a moment for pause, to think, to imagine, as in:

Here, words in the sand;
there, waves gliding towards me…
Memories erased

This collection will be available ― as are  her other books ―
at Cendrine Media Books
To see more of her work, visit her website.


Meet Cendrine
Cendrine Marrouat is a photographer, poet and author.MARROUATE-Cendrine
Born in Toulouse, France, in the
late 1970s, she moved to Winnipeg, Canada in 2003.
Her earlier releases include five collections of poetry, a play, three photography books, and two social media ebooks. She also recorded a spoken word poetry CD.
When she is not busy taking photos in her favourite parks and forests in Winnipeg,
Cendrine writes, teaches French to adults, and occasionally advises clients on social
media strategy.

Cendrine is active on Twitter
You can also mail her (cendrine at cendrinemedia dot com)
and/or subscribe to her newsletter

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