“Call Me Evie”by J P Pomare

Memories will break through,20190201_145219
Like grass pressing between
cracks in the pavement.

Kate’s life, Evie’s life… so different yet so much the same – but then Evie is Kate; Kate is Evie. Two sides of the same reflection.
Reflection is the key as Evie tries to remember Kate’s life while struggling to make sense of her own.

Pomare’s skill lies in giving the reader enough – just enough – unease to keep reading, even as the hairs on the back of one’s neck rise, one’s stomach clenches. A word, a phrase,  moment…

At times needing to set the tale aside for a break from the odd queasy feeling, but always answering the call to return and read on, I found myself doing the unthinkable: dog-earing pages, dotting my own asterisks, underlining that line. Forcing myself not to peek ahead, but letting the story pace it’s own path. And what a story; fascinating and repellent, the normal and the strange… Just when one thinks it’s all sorted – a twist. And wow! What a twist.


26-year-old J P Pomare, featured his book at the 2019 #RotoruaNoir festival.
He has been short- and long-listed for a number of writing prizes, including the KYD Unpublished Manuscript Prize, Ellen Kemp Memorial Prize, Sheila Malady Prize, and The Kingi Mckinnon Scholarship. He produces a literary podcast called On Writing, for which he has interviewed bestselling authors including Joyce Carol Oates and E. Lockhart.

Call Me Evie, his first novel, will be published by Hachette Australia, Little Brown/Sphere in the UK, and Putnam in North America. Pomare lives with his wife in Melbourne, Australia.

Find out more about J P at his website , on Twitter  and on FaceBook

Cover designer, Christopher Lin
Call Me Evie, Published 2018 by Hatchette NZ
Paperback (with ribbon bookmark) ISBN: 978-1-86971-397-3
eBook + audio also available

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