In the Cold, Dark Ground, by Stuart MacBRIDE

MacBRIDE_Stuart-In The Cold Dark GroundWith the imminent death of Aberdeen’s crime boss, McRae is drawn into the takeover battle between crime leaders from Edinburgh, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Liverpool and Birmingham. But he is compromised by a financial deal made years ago.

Faced also with the inevitable prospect of taking life support from his girlfriend, his mind in in a mess.

Competing leaders vying for Wee Hamish Mowat’s Aberdeen empire. Complicate ongoing murder investigations and his own position as Sergeant in Banff – if not his job with Police Scotland.

So many twists, so many turns…you have to read it to believe it, as they are only minor background to the ongoing investigation into the missing Fraserburgh businessman, Martin Milne. Not a simple locate and return mission.
Oh – and there’s a new Superintendent on her way up to Aberdeen and Banff…

Blood and guts, battles and falls, night hunts – this has it all.
Another masterpiece in the ongoing saga of Ian McRae and DI Steele.

“Head feels like someone’s scooped everything out
and replaced it with a fat kid on a pogo stick.”

(Virtual beer for whoever knows whose hangover this is!)

Published by Harper Collins, London
Paperback ISBN:978-0-00-749466-8