The Blood Road, by Stuart MacBRIDE

MacBRIDE_Stuart-The Dark RoadWhat drives someone to murder?

MacBride has surpassed his excellent crime-writing perfection in this, the latest in the Logan McRae, now Aberdeen’s Police Professional Standards Inspector, series.
Dear old Tuftie is as always, Tuftie. (Series’ fans will need no explanation.)
Roberta Steel’s ghastly arrogance and sour mouth has expanded into a whole new realm of “On, god, what next?”
The station is hosting a marvelously broader host of characters – from tough enough to crack spines to the comically harmless but slightly weird.

Logan is faced with a rather uncomfortable crime, hidden behind a nearly normal crime. What starts as an investigation into a mysterious impossibility – the two times death of a police officer – soon digs up clues to the creepiness of the disappearances of a number of young children. What the investigations turn up, as Logan drags Roberta out of her relative comfort zone too many times into too dismal crime scenes, is a gut-churner.

People get maimed, and killed – as per every novel MacBride has written in the series; but some of the kill scenes are so constructed you may not necessarily feel sorrow for the victim. Or victims.

Yet in spite of the macabre, the chill, the damp… MacBride has slipped his own private joke into Logan’s hands. Only a Logan McRae fan will spot it.

The Aberdeen creator of the Logan McRae character has now published #12 in the series of novels, bringing (including the books featuring both McRae and Steele) the total to c. seventeen.

Published 2019, by HarperCollinsPublishers, London

ISBNs: 978-0-00-820824-0 (PB, B-format); 978-0-00-828865-5 (PB, A-format)

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