Red’s Authors –

May I introduce “my authors”… some of whom have been return clients.
If you’re not yet familiar with any author or his/her works,
then drop a Request into the Comments below,
or send me an email/message,
and I’ll reincarnate our original announcement.

  • D L LANE – four time client (fka Deborah LANE)
  • Ginette PAQUETTE-GADBOIS – twice [and ..?]
  • Deborah GARLAND – thrice
  • Sharon HUGHSON – thrice
  • Claire DAVON – twice
  • Francine BEATON – twice
  • Joyce HOLMES – twice
  • Shantel GERSTENDORF – twice
  • Alena DES
  • Austin KALIN
  • Andrea STANET
  • Berti REDWOOD
  • Bianca REEVES
  • Bonita VAN GERVE
  • Claudia BRENNER
  • Dana WRIGHT
  • Danica BLOOM
  • Daniel JAMES
  • Dilys WOOLER
  • Ebony OLSON
  • Ellen DEVLIN
  • Effie MOLINA
  • Gail OLMSTED
  • Haley LADAWN
  • J WOODS – twice
  • Jana Vasilj-BEGOVIC
  • Joshua RAMEY-RENK
  • Jyotika RAMAN
  • Laura LAMOREAUX & Tici SMITH
  • London SAINT JAMES
  • Melanie ADAMS
  • Midika CRANE
  • Patricia CRISAFULLI
  • Paul BAKER (a dear friend, now deceased)
  • Qing YANG
  • Rachel BRITT
  • Reginee SEPHUS
  • Shannon LUCAS
  • Sheryl WINTERS
  • Suzi FINLAY
  • Tom HODDEN
  • Valerie BOWES

“My authors” (the first few) came to me via their publisher,
then some approached me directly.
Others came directly – and so the list grew.
Now, on into the future.
If you as an author have used my editing service,
feel free to drop a comment
with the titles,
and their buy links.
“Let’s spread the good word.”

Apologies for the awful bulleted list;
I still haven’t grasped how to set up a table via HTML within a given template