About Red

Red Penn is the alter-ego of Lynne Street (New Zealand), who was created when, with other IT students poplulating a test database, we had to create people for the cust_Name field. (Other names? Tufata Fela, Huta Whaikaiu, Annie Boddie, Sam Wahn, and more. )

Red began as Red Penn Reviews, but while reviewing (for Booksellers NZ, and NZ and global authors) at RedPenn Reviews (old site), work began coming in for proof-reading and editing for authors.

Red Penn Services has been helping writers become authors since c. 2012, beginning with NZ author, Deryn Pittar*, and her then publisher. Red has been contracted to Roane Publishing, and Inkitt publishing, and to individual authors.

Kind Comments from Satisfied Clients …

  • “Have I told you that you’re my favourite Editor?” Ginette Gadbois, author of Caught Between Worlds
  • “You both have done an amazing job with this. Truly.” Über-editor, Rebecca Hart of Roane Publishing, re Poisonous Whispers by Jana Begovich
  • “Thanks so much. You’re always a pleasure to work with.” Über-editor, Rebecca Hart of Roane Publishing., re Show No Weakness by Joyce Holmes
  • “I just wanted to thank you for your help and advice on Second Chance; it’s definitely a stronger book because of your input. And there was no problem getting the typos fixed in time!” Suzi Finlay, author 
  • “Thanks for much for your hard work. I’m definitely trying to improve my writing, so reading your corrections and suggestions is extremely helpful. … I also took your suggestions and re-wrote some scenes” Shantel Gerstendorfer, author of Truth
  • “You’re doing a wonderful job.  The proof-readers are enjoying the stories.” Arianor Gaynor, of the former Secret Cravings Publishing
  • “Thank you!   I heard the happy author loves her editor. 😉 “Arianor Gaynor, of the former Secret Cravings

Lee Murray … Thank you for your kind support… [NZ Author]

Dan Strawn What Lee said. Thank you. [NZ Author]

Effie Molina It was a pleasure working with you!

Jana BegovichIt was pure pleasure working with you on the edits of my first novel and I found your help invaluable. I wish you joy and happiness in every future endeavour and phase of life. 💗

Terri Hoffman Rochenski Love you. Xoxo

Rebecca Brennan Hart Miss you already. Xoxox and then some.

Ginette Paquette-Gadbois … Please know that it was a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for all your help. To new beginnings!

Sara-Jean Englert … I appreciate what you taught me and what you did for In Gray. You’re a great editor…

London Saint James … You were wonderful to work with. Hugs. 💜

Ellen Devlin … Please know that I found working with you to be a joy, and I believe that I’m a better writer from your comments/edits/kind help. (And I was secretly hoping that you would be editing the next one…)

* Deryn Pittar … join the fun side and use your imagination to create new worlds to entertain and poetry to warm the heart. [NZ Author]

Joanne Ruth …. Your high quality … Many writers will be worse off without the benefit of your expertise. … your knowledge and skills are so valuable…

Gail Ward Olmsted … I have enjoyed working with you so much!

Muffy Wilson … this is not bad for my first book!! Thank you for all your keen-eyed edits and suggestions. It is awesome and share in this with you. The Para-Portage of Emily made Readers’ Favorite Finalist in the Romance ~ Sizzle category. I am so proud and honored! Love ‘n’ Hugs

Jana Vasilj-Begovic Editing services are of the highest quality. I am very thankful to have had the fortune of working with Lynne on finalizing my manuscript.

Jaylee Austin Very helpful, honest, and communicative. I appreciated the open conversation and respectful dialogue.

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