Introducing Author Deryn Pittar

Deryn is a New Zealand author whose work I enjoy. A lovable lady, it was through Deryn I became an editor in the first instance. When her first publisher closed the book, she was adopted by Junction Publishing, who have released all her books.
Her works range from futuristic romance, through young adult futuristic adventure to her latest YA fantasy, Lutapolii.

deryn-croppedHer author bio at Amazon  – which reveals her work you want to buy – reads…
“I write fantasy, romance, cozy mystery, Young Adult, Sci.Fi. and short stories. I am published in all of these genre. I also dabble in poetry.

I belong to several writing groups and book clubs. I am an avid reader. I enjoy helping emerging authors and read the work of some of my fellow authors, and they read mine. In this way we help each other get our plot lines in order and our characters believable.

I live in New Zealand, which is [away off to] the right hand side of Australia, between the equator and the south pole, if you have a map handy. It looks isolated but with the internet we are moments away from anywhere in the world. A collection of islands, we have a democratic government and produce a lot of food which we sell around the world. The population is outnumbered seriously by sheep and cows – and I’m still looking for the hobbits.

I hope you enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them.”

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Re-Introducing Author G P Gadbois

portrait_g p gadboisBorn in Ottawa and raised in Cornwall, Ontario, G. P. Gadbois is Canadian. She is a wife, a mother of three, a grandmother, and works full time. She started writing a weekly column published in the French newspaper of her hometown during her last year of high school and loved it. Except for letters, cards, and notes in baby books, writing took a back seat for years and now that her children are grown, it’s become her favorite hobby. She also enjoys walking, gardening, curling, reading, and babysitting Arrow.

Her first novel Caught Between Worlds, A Moment in Time Novel One was first published by Roane Publishing in 2016. Then, Trust Me, the second novel in the series was published in May 2018. When the publisher closed their doors, G.P. Gadbois made minor edits to both novels and released them on KDP-Amazon in November and December 2018.

She is presently working on Destiny, novel three in the series A Moment in Time. Her New Year resolution for 2019 is to finish and publish book number three during said year.

Ginette can be found at…
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cover_1 caught between worlds

Caught Between Worlds, A Moment in Time, Novel One

When Gabrielle finds herself in a haunted town her chances of survival are questionable.

When Rick, the town deputy, promises to keep Gabrielle safe, he never suspected he’d need to deal with his own ghosts too.

Their week together is passionate, but like a ghost, will their romance vanish once the mystery is solved?

Trust Me, A Moment in Time, Novel Two 

Cover of Trust Me

The attraction Suzanne feels toward Bill is intense when their paths cross again.

Bill knows he’ll never settle for another, but trusting Suzanne has its risks.

Will the nasty graffiti, the threatening notes, the interference of Bill’s ex-girlfriend, and the tragic break-in impact Suzanne’s decision and send her back home for good?