“Christmas Crackers” – NZ author Vicki Arnott

ARNOTT_Christmas Crackers 2Ms Arnott has created the magic of Christmas in this collection of stories about the elves of Polaris – a world of magic, beyond ours. In each story we meet them in Polaris and our world.

We first meet the elf Sylvia, and Martin and his small family, in our world. Magic transports Sylvia back to her elven homeland she is ushered to meet their leader, Santorni. We learn there is a glitch in the system, which may not be good for either Sylvia or the whole elf world. Will they correct the glitch before Christmas?

The stories continue to introduce us to other elves and their magic. They do so with lots of warm fuzzies ― perfect for children who will listen to the stories or read them on their own.
The five stories are:
Christmas Cracker; The Lost Elf; The Bungling Elf; The Envious Elf and Santorni’s Dilemma

This is an eBook, and a print edition is close to release date.  The cover was designed by Anne Vindriis of Vin Design. Together, Vicki and Anne have created a perfect gift for parents or grandparents to buy.

© Vicki Arnott 2018
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More about this New Zealand (kiwi) author…portrait_Vicki Arnott
Vicki writes fantasy adventure and science fiction for teens and young adults. After dreaming for years of becoming a writer, she took action in 2015, going from full-time teaching to part-time, and began writing her first novel The Crystal Bluebird.
In 2016, Vicki completed a screenwriting course at Toi Ohomai Institute of Technology, and has written several short movie scripts. In the near future, she plans to learn more about film production and make short movies.
Born in Foxton, New Zealand, and raised in the Manawatu area, Vicki now lives in a rural community near Rotorua, surrounded by views of Mt Tarawera, pine forest, and farm paddocks.
Her interests include: walking, modern jive dancing, painting, and drama. She has organised many school productions in addition to her involvement in amateur theatre. Her newest passion is movie-making with her students at school.
When she needs a break from writing, she enjoys getting outside in the fresh air of her garden. She recently planted her first (pink and white) rose garden.
She spends her spare time watching movies, and steals early-morning hours to read because, once begun, a book cannot be put down until it’s finished.

Vicki can be found at…
Facebook page: Vicki Arnott Writer
Website: Vicki Arnott

“When Dad Comes Home” a new release

The war was over and Dad is coming home at last! But the days and weeks go by, andWhen Dad Came Home when he does return, Dad is not the happy man that young Rita once knew and Thomas thinks he remembers.
Struggling to understand his sadness and fears, the kids accompany him as he readjusts to home life, all the while singing his favourite song. One day, while they help him fix the deck, Dad starts to join in the song …

Hatley-Owen beautifully captures children’s views of the return from the war, and the realities of shell shock for the men who returned after the First World War ended on 11 November 1918. Soldiers who returned from the war often faced difficulty re-entering society after the horrors they had faced on the battlefield. Most never spoke about their experiences and managed to carry on as before. However, many men faced on-going psychological trauma.

Not only affecting the soldiers, but their families too, the story shows that not all soldiers return unharmed from war, and not all wounds are physical. But with love, care and support, they can heal.


Illustrated by Rosie Colligan, England
Published: November 2018 by Oratia Media, 2018
ISBNs: 0947506500 and 9780947506506
Available from Amazon  and from all New Zealand book stores

portrait_Vanessa H-O

Visit Vanessa at her web site – and on facebook:


“The Crystal Bluebird”

cover_ARNOTT V_The Crystal BluebirdThe Crystal Bluebird is a delightful kid’s adventure that will appeal to fans of The Wizard of Oz, The Narnia Chronicles, A Wrinkle in Time, and The Never-Ending Story. Readers who love fantasy, magic, and fairy tales will love this modern fairy-tale adventure set in an imaginary world filled with magical creatures, wonderful characters, and contemporary elements with a twist.

While exploring her family’s new home, Mary discovers a crystal necklace and an old book telling the story of a banished princess, a magic bluebird, and a sad Queen trapped in her castle. A rainy afternoon drawing pictures on the story map, and a heartfelt wish leads Mary and her brother and sister into the fantasy world of Brigitha, where Mary is chained to the magical bluebird, and their pictures are causing problems! A queen’s guardsman, a grumpy gnome, who insists they must undo the damage they have caused and help to free the Queen, soon enlists them. So begins a journey filled with unique and magical characters who all seem to want help. Can Mary, Ron and Cassandra find what they need to release Mary from her chain, and rescue the Queen?

The Crystal Bluebird is available in these ebook formats:
epub, mobi, pdf, lrf, pdb, txt, or html, from Smashwords


About Vicki:portrait_Vicki Arnott
Vicki is a new author who is very excited and proud to introduce her first book. Since childhood, writing has been one of her loves, and writing a book one of her dreams.

She is very fortunate to have been born and raised in New Zealand, by parents who possessed imagination, each with a fun sense of humour and each, in their way, excellent story-tellers.
Her love of science fiction and fantasy was developed early, by television shows like “Lost in Space,” “The Tomorrow People,” and her all-time favourite, “Star Trek.” Vicki spent many Saturday afternoons watching movies, old westerns with her Grandad, and musicals, which continue to be her favourites today. She was also an avid reader, and a book which made a lasting impact was “Freedom Train,” a book about Harriet Tubman, a slave who helped many others escape to freedom. This book fired her passion for freedom and social justice, a theme which has found its way into her own book.

She has spent the last twenty-eight years working as a primary school teacher and raising two sons. Through those years she’s managed to spend some time as a member of her local drama club, learning to paint, dabbling with photography, playing an occasional game of tennis or golf, walking, gardening and watching lots of movies. She has travelled to Australia, Europe and the USA.
As a school teacher she faced many challenges, and learned a lot, but also had a lot of fun. School drama productions have always been a highlight – she loves the music, dance and costumes, and all the drama that goes on behind the scenes as well as on stage. Fostering a love of literacy in children, watching their eyes light up with enthusiasm as they share their excitement for the things they discover, is a true joy and a source of inspiration for her.
As a teacher, she is also concerned about the many negative influences on young people today. She wrote her first book for children, but thinks adults will enjoy it too. Her intention was to produce a fun, exciting and entertaining story which presented positive values. We think she has succeeded, and hope you agree.

Learn more about Vicki at her website and on facebook


A Fresh Start

I sort of retired from editing for a while there. Now, I am resuming helping writers get to being published authors – albeit on a smaller scale, serving local clients.

Although I still face the dreaded writers’ block – or a total ennui regarding creating work of my own, I do look forward to proofing a writer’s manuscript, formatting it ready for print or epublishing, and assisting with marketing media.

I have to thank all the authors and publishers, and writing groups, with whom/which I’ve worked in the past. “You don’t know what you’ve got, ’till it’s gone.”


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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